About Meredith

Painting isn’t just a passion, it’s a calling.

I began my love of art in college after covering my dorm room walls with the works of impressionist artists. Inspired by the prints I looked at all year, I staked claim on my brother’s room after he moved out to a place of his own. Not liking the red walls I inherited, I asked my parents if I could paint a full-sized mural of an Italian seaside village on one of the walls. Figuring it would only cost a can of paint to cover it, my parents obliged.

Upon seeing the completed work, friends and neighbors kept me busy during my summer breaks creating murals in homes in the Northern Virginia area. Over time, I turned my sights to oil on canvas and within that, using a palette knife instead of a traditional brush.

I currently reside outside Washington, D.C. with my husband and two children, who are two of my greatest works of art and my best muses.  If you see something you like, I’d love to chat! Send me a note on my contact page here. I look forward to hearing from you!

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