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Wayfinding – Butterfly Delivery Day at Martha Jefferson Hospital

The next week, I got a call from a hospital administrator explaining how perfect our timing was, as just the week before her staff had requested 3D art to help guide patients through the hospital corridor to the surgical check in.  Apparently nervous patients were getting lost on their way and they needed better signage to direct them to their destination.  So when I explained that this was just that – 3D butterflies that can make a trail from one point to another – it was a perfect fit.

What is so neat about the installations is that these are fully custom pieces.  All the colors you see in these pictures match the palette of the hospital and the scenery is reminiscent of the Charlottesville landscape.  The customization is a big part of what makes this project special…the hospital can focus on purchasing essentials to aid in physical healing, and these pieces can give warmth to what can be a sometimes scary place, giving comfort and providing emotional healing.  Win win!

If you are interested in purchasing a butterfly, keep an eye on the shop, or contact me for a custom piece!

Butterfly Delivery Day at Ronald McDonald House Baltimore

I’m really excited because the very first butterfly giveaway installation is complete! In early May I spent the day at Ronald McDonald House Charities Maryland in Baltimore at their brand new location, which opened May 14th! This 18×24 boy and girl duo was the brainchild of their artistic director Leslie Landsman and the dragonflies and butterflies were pinned on the wall in a heart shape to pay homage to the logo of the charity. Scroll through the pictures for more details about the process! I’ve never nailed my artwork directly to the wall before, it was a little nerve wracking!  To cover up the nail holes, I brought a touch of extra paint and covered each hole to match the body of each butterfly and dragonfly.

If you would like to learn more about the new house, check it out here: The staff and volunteers are some of the most special people and I’m so grateful to have been one small part of making this grand new house so special.

For those of you new to the project, this is the first installation of a “buy one, give one” campaign where for every butterfly or dragonfly sold, a second is created and donated to a non-profit that serves its customers directly. I’m so grateful for those that have purchased a butterfly or dragonfly so far, you all made this possible and sustainable. Thank you for helping to spread joy! To stay up to date with all the latest and future projects, sign up for the newsletter at

Lastly special thanks to John at Kramer Installation for getting this all up swiftly and easily! If you need something hung, go to

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