Georgetown Pediatric Floor!

Georgetown, siiiigh. I love this campus, it keeps drawing me back. First it was for school, then a job had me making regular visits, and recently I was back again doing a butterfly installation for the pediatric floor of the hospital. These two hundred (!!!) butterflies and dragonflies have a wayfinding purpose, leading visitors and patients through the halls to the doors of the unit itself, and three paintings mark the beginning, middle, and end of the trail.

It’s hard to express how kind everyone on this floor was…the nurse managers who helped facilitate the project made me feel SO welcome and were beyond appreciative, giving me encouragement (and snacks!) along the way. I’m not sure if everyone in pediatrics is just a special breed of person or if the crew at Georgetown are just extra kind, but I felt such warmth being there I just wanted to stay a bit longer! Hope you enjoy this round of butterflies!

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